Robyn Skincare Wins Beauty Shortlist ‘Editor’s Choice’ Awards For Every Leave-on Product Launched

In the run up to March this year hundreds of skincare, wellbeing and natural health brands are eagerly anticipating the Beauty Shortlist results and checking their inboxes regularly for news. Robyn Skincare was no exception, and yesterday we were absolutely thrilled to hear that in the first year of entering these prestigious awards we have been awarded four Editor’s Choice awards, that's one for every leave-on product we've launched in the last 12 months!


  • Limitless Facial Serum
  • Limitless Facial Cream
  • Limitless Facial Oil
  • Limitless Facial Balm


The Beauty Shortlist isn’t just your normal awards accolade. They were started in 2012 by natural beauty journalist and eco lifestyle advocate Fiona Klonarides to support, recognise and celebrate stand-out organic beauty and natural health products, honouring a broad line-up of the top-scoring products across both sectors.

Being totally independent and free from sponsorship or advertising, provides a truly even playing field for large, well established global brands and small artisan brands alike. The awards are well known for their transparency and ethical focus and are therefore closely followed by consumers, industry experts, retail beauty buyers, industry news sources, and journalists.


“The awards are essentially a real-life “tested, loved and 100% recommended” guide to the exceptional beauty and health products of the year,” explains founder Fiona Klonarides.


The winning Limitless Collection encompasses five products, four of which are leave-on and one rinse-off ‘The Limitless Cleansing Oil.’ The reason the range has gained so much attention over the last year is due to our ‘truly’ clean, yet highly effective formulas. The careful combination of a key, clinically proven active ingredient with a plethora of multi-functional botanicals that target not only the signs of ageing and sun damage, uneven skin tones, clear up skin problems such as blemishes and acne, plus optimise skin health, cumulatively creates a skin health system. In tandem they solve a very common problem by delivering a clinically proven alternative to retinol; designed for so many of us that either can’t, or simply choose not to use it.


“Our products are not just one-trick ponies put into pretty packaging with clever marketing. We’re 100% ingredient led with a holistic skin system in mind, because that’s what our customers deserve; not just the best, but the best of both worlds” explains Founder and CEO Eleanor Olsen.



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